‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Shipping Willow And Chase, ‘Chillow’ Could Be The New Power Couple

Craig SjodinABC Press

It looks like there may be a new super couple in the making on General Hospital. Willow and Chase are becoming closer than ever, especially after she just confessed everything to him about her past with Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Fans weren’t quite sure what to make of these two in the beginning, but now they are totally rooting for “Chillow” to continue for the long haul.

By the sounds of the upcoming General Hospital spoilers, Willow may need Chase more than ever. Soap Central says that she will be receiving a warning from someone, most likely Shiloh, and this is sure to scare her even more. Last week, the school teacher was ready to run far away from Port Charles. Unfortunately, her ex found her before she could leave. The good news is that Willow ended up calling Chase to the school and he is now aware of her past dealings with Shiloh, and the real reason that she gave her baby boy up for adoption.

Fans are now swooning over Chase’s need to protect his girl. Their relationship has been progressing rather slowly, but that seems to be a good thing at this point. Willow wasn’t ready for a serious one with her history with Shiloh. Now that may all change. General Hospital previews for this week indicate that this couple will be sharing some sweet moments together and many viewers are eagerly waiting for them.

One fan on social media praised the ABC soap for getting them sucked in by “Chillow.” Another mentioned that Willow and Chase may just be the best couple on the show these days. That is saying a lot as there are plenty of well-loved couples on General Hospital.

Willow is going to need all of the comfort she can get in the upcoming weeks. She believes that her baby is happy, healthy, and safe being raised by Brad and Lucas. She will soon learn that the real Wiley, her son, actually died right after Brad brought him home from the hospital. The baby switch storyline will eventually be revealed and will be heartbreaking for her.

There are also the ongoing rumors that Willow Tait is really the daughter of Nina Reeves. That is a huge story in itself and has yet to be told, if true. Chase will hopefully still be in Willow’s life when that time comes.

The pairing of Willow and Chase is gaining many more fans by the day. Don’t miss a minute of the drama as the build-up to these storylines involving this new couple unfolds on General Hospital.