Kristin Cavallari Jokes That She Was A ‘Great Villain’ During Her Time On The Hit MTV Show ‘Laguna Beach’

Sam WassonGetty Images

It’s hard to believe that Kristin Cavallari got her start on reality TV way back in 2004.

As fans know, Cavallari starred in the hit MTV show Laguna Beach, which followed herself — as well as a bunch of her friends who went to high school together — in the ritzy Laguna Beach area. Since those days, Kristin has come a long way. She is now married to former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, and the couple have three children together.

Now, Kristin is starring in her own show, Very Cavallari, but she still reflects on her Laguna Beach days from time to time. In a teaser for a new episode of the hit E! show, the mother of three returns back home to Laguna Beach and chats with her father, Dennis Cavallari, about her high school days. Dennis starts the conversation by reminiscing about Kristin’s time in high school.

“Do you remember when you were a junior in high school and MTV came to town and you came home all excited?”

Kristin then chimes in, saying that she clearly remembers the day that MTV came to her school, because she wasn’t actually at school that day. As Cavallari explains, a ton of her friends were calling her to let her know that the network was hosting auditions for the show. She was so mad that she missed her first shot — but the next day, she says that she went “marching in” for an audition.

Dennis admits that during a screening of the show, he thought it looked like a home movie. He didn’t think that anyone would even watch the series. But nonetheless, it became a hit — and launched many Laguna Beach residents into superstardom, including Kristin and Lauren Conrad.

However, Kristin tells her father that she never really liked the way that the show portrayed her.

“No one ever told me like, ‘Hey! By the way, you’re the villain — so just want to prepare yourself,'” Kristin tells her father. “I was so young, I mean, I was 17, 18. So, to all of a sudden have people saying what a bi*** I was, that was really hard actually.”

But even though it was a rough go for a while, Kristin joked that she did make “a great villain,” something she says that her late brother, Michael Cavallari, would have agreed with. As many know, Michael passed away in Utah in 2015. He had gotten lost, and walked away from his vehicle. The cause of death was eventually found to be hypothermia from exposure to cold temperatures.

In the clip, Kristin’s father says that he is doing okay following his son’s death, but Kristin sees it in a different light.

“I wish I could talk to my dad about my brother,” she tells the camera. “I think he tries to put up this front of like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m alright. I’m hanging in there.’ But, I think he’s actually having the hardest time out of anybody.”

New episodes of Very Cavallari air on Sunday evenings on E!