Jana Duggar Reveals Her Feisty Side As She Takes On The Role Of Wedding Planner

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Jana Duggar is known for being a quiet kind of girl, but give her a wedding to plan and she all of a sudden becomes quite vocal. The season finale of TLC’s Counting On had the nuptials of John David and Abbie airing on Monday night. It all went off without a hitch, but it was a little touch and go for a bit.

John David had every confidence that his twin sister would be able to pull his wedding together, and he was right. However, it got quite tense there for a while leading up to the big day. Monday night’s episode of Counting On revealed that even Jana Duggar can lose it once in a while. The Daily Mail revealed plenty of details of John and Abbie’s wedding, including that very famous first kiss, or kisses. But stress seemed to set in for Jana as it all came down to the wire.

Everything came together, despite all of the issues that Jana came face-to-face with during the pre-wedding preparations. The major problem was that the family had to tote everything from their home in Arkansas to Ada, Oklahoma, where the big event was being held. The reception took place in an airport hangar, which led to a lot of stress for the 29-year-old reality star.

There were many complications that arose for Jana and Laura, her best friend that she teamed with to help out. The Duggar boys decided to go with what they call “redneck engineering.” That means that you do whatever you need to in order to get things done. The brothers decided to use a ladder that they put on a lift to hang decorations from the hangar’s 10-foot ceiling. Jana freaked out telling them how unsafe that was.

Jana was also not happy with the lighting guys. They took all day to put up a few lights, causing plenty of ruckus in her life as a wedding planner. Things couldn’t be set up in a timely manner, and she had no problem saying so. She strongly hinted that she was not happy to be delayed like that. It put everything way behind.

The Duggar daughter also barked out to her younger brothers at the church that they were doing things wrong as they attempted to put the arbor together. Jana was sure she was right as she told the boys, “I designed it, so I know.”

She even had a slight argument with Laura over it. In the end, it was all a misunderstanding on her part. Jana touted on the show that she just wanted her twin brother to have the perfect wedding, and he certainly did.

This all just proves that Jana Duggar knows how to take charge and is not afraid to make sure things get done. Fans are still waiting for her to have her own home improvement show and to find her own Prince Charming.