‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Will Build One Giant Home For His Four Wives Against Their Wishes, Per ‘Radar’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

The family dynamic between Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – is about to get shaken up a bit, as Radar Online revealed. Brown has gone against his wives’ wishes to live separately due to ongoing conflict and drama amidst the group and will be constructing a giant mansion where they will all live under one roof as a family unit.

The family will allegedly relocate from Nevada to Arizona in order to keep the family culture intact.

“This would be my wives’ home. I have four wives. My wives don’t want to share a kitchen with each other. That creates a problem. What I want is to get us in a place where we’re under one roof and we’re functioning as one family,” Brown expressed to an architect on an episode of Sister Wives.

Though Brown said that he knew the women would be upset by his plot to go behind their backs and build the common living space — and that they would be “tempted to leave” — that didn’t stop him from going forward with his plans in order to keep his family together and to start putting his idea in motion.

The new house would give each of his wives the ability to have their own living space, including a kitchen, which will hopefully allow them to have a bit of distance from one another, as their resentment toward each other have them wanting to spend less and less time together as a family.

Part of the issue they have, while they are all aware they’re married to the same man, is that the wives have felt as though they don’t get enough alone time with Brown while they’re all under one roof. Brown hopes that giving them a large home with separate living quarters will allow them to feel like they have his full attention when he’s spending time with them one on one.

“When a wife is in a room with you she wants to feel like she’s the only woman in the world,” Brown explained.

As Radar further shared, Janelle explained the pain and isolation she felt in the memoir co-authored by the family, Becoming Sister Wives, and said that living in Meri’s house put her husband in a position to default to spending time with Meri when he was scheduled to spend time with Janelle and that she began to distance herself from her husband physically.

Meri further added that Janelle had to face the romantic relationship between herself and Kody and that became detrimental to her, and it brought about a lot of uneasy feelings to the dynamic of the group.

Fans of the family and of Sister Wives will be sure to keep up with the latest from the group and will be watching to see how Brown’s idea of a massive family home will end up playing out for the five of them and their growing family.