Nikki Bella Willing To Someday Return To WWE Despite Retirement

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

She may have just announced her retirement, but Nikki Bella is already open to a return to the WWE.

This past weekend, Brie surprised many of her fans by announcing that she was retiring from the WWE on the season finale of Total Bellas. The announcement from Nikki came shortly after her twin sister, Brie Bella, also retired from the sport that made them famous. But, she isn’t fully closing the door just yet.

A source close to TMZ shares that Nikki left the WWE on good terms, not bad ones. This means that the pair still has a great working relationship and if Brie is willing and able to return to the ring in the future, WWE will welcome her back with open arms. And even though she is retiring from the physical aspect of the sport, the same source shares that Nikki still plans to remain a WWE ambassador.

“She still loves wrestling, still loves the WWE and would be down to make cameos in the future — as long as the timing is right,” the source shares.

Additionally, she and her sister Brie still plan on filming their hit show Total Bellas. The main reason why Nikki decided to retire from the WWE was because the wear and tear on her body became too much. Three years ago, the 35-year-old had surgery on her neck following a wrestling injury and she has been in pain ever since.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Bella shocked fans by saying she was retiring on an episode of her hit E! show. During the segment, Nikki told her sister that she was going to be following in her footsteps and retire from the sport. After returning from a recent tour in Europe, the 35-year-old said that she realized that the job was just too much for her as she ages.

“The (European) tour was good but I feel like I’m too old for the travel, the travel was really rough.”

“I was like, why am I doing this. I don’t feel good,” she continued. “The girls are doing amazing things over there. I really am ready to hang up the jersey, I can say it fully.”

Upon hearing the news, Brie was quick to give her twin sister her full support in her decision and even suggested that she hang her WWE jersey “right next to mine.” So what’s next for Nikki? The former WWE star now has plans to work on a number of other projects, including her clothing line, an activewear line, a podcast as well as a wine label.

Even though she’s retired, it sounds like Nikki will still be keeping herself plenty busy.