Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Monday: Willow Confesses Shiloh’s Attachment To Children

Michael YadaABC Press

Monday’s General Hospital was all about Shiloh Archer, with a little bit of Dante Falconeri thrown in. Dante is back, but his homecoming is not exactly what he expected. Willow tells Chase everything she knows about her Dawn of Day connection. She sheds some new light into how Shiloh works and what his ultimate goal is.

In the Falconeri household, Dante has a nightmare that he shoots Lulu while repeating over and over that he needs to complete his mission. After scaring Rocco, Dante hightails it over to see Sonny. He thinks that maybe it would be a good idea for Dante to go talk to someone about his situation. She Knows Soaps indicates that Dante will be startled by something. The General Hospital previews for this week reveal that it will lead to some possible violent behavior.

Shiloh tried bonding with Danny at Kelly’s, that is until Jason showed up. Sam told the DoD leader that Jason won’t be a problem as she dives in to take his courses. Brad ends up getting an invite from Shiloh letting him know that DoD welcomes families like his with open arms, especially kids.

Willow revealed to Chase her backstory with Shiloh. She explains that Willow is not her given name. She got it from a doll that she had growing up. She also briefly mentions that her childhood was ruthless, which is why she got reeled in by Shiloh. She said that he preys on lost souls. He gives them purpose and believes that he is a vessel for people to “find themselves.”

The school teacher then told Chase that being called on by Shiloh was “an honor.” She was called upon by him and also chosen to teach all of the kids at Dawn of Day. He is especially interested in parents of young ones so that he can raise them to follow his lead. That was clearly evident as Shiloh was seen with Danny, and also with Brad and Wiley. Once Willow found out that she was pregnant, she found a way to get out before he got his clutches into their child. Little did she know that Shiloh was holding who she thinks is their son at Kelly’s. He even told Brad that Wiley looks like a born leader.

Meanwhile, Alexis tried talking to Kristina at Charlie’s about family. Kristina snubbed her mom saying that Dawn of Day is her family now. General Hospital spoilers tease that she is about to do something that will further drive a wedge in between this mother-daughter duo.

Michael is also worried about his sister being in a cult. He heads over to see Sonny who fills his son in on what happened in Turkey. The General Hospital line of the day may just belong to Michael who seemed shocked when learning what happened between Sonny and Dante.

He says, “Wait a minute. Dante shot you?”

Sonny also tells him that he will make sure that Kristina is safe. He later tells Alexis the same thing, but she panicked. She knows exactly what that means. She is about to place a call to Jordan to report a possible crime. Michael relays Sonny’s message to Sam, and she is worried that Sonny’s plan will ruin everything.

Shiloh pushes Jason too far as he tells the hitman that he and Sam are getting closer than ever and that he can give Danny a peaceful path, not the angry one that Jason is on. He wants to give Jason the same, but Jason goes all Stone Cold on him and grabs him by the throat.

Tuesday on General Hospital, Sam has to intervene, Dante is getting worse, and Anna tearfully reaches out to Peter.