Nicole Brown Fought With Princess Diana’s Lover Night Before Murder, According To New Documentary

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Since the terrifying murders of Nicole-Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were followed by O.J. Simpson’s acquittal, no other suspects are under investigation, and the crimes remain unsolved over two decades later. Not surprisingly, with such a high-profile case remaining unsolved, a bevy of conspiracy theories have emerged, all of them trying to theorize about who committed the murders without receiving punishment. However, with a lack of the specific evidence necessary to overcome the burden of proof in court, the theories have done little to put a new suspect behind bars.

These invented theories focus on exposing Nicole and Ron’s true murderer. Most focus on two different choices, which include either O.J. as the guilty party or somebody else close to Nicole. Some of the strongest arguments picking a potential murderer have provided reasonable evidence to back up their assertions and are usually presented as documentaries. Unfortunately, reasonable evidence isn’t always enough to prove guilt in court, but it is enough to make the public consider all of the possible options so that we can hope the murder is solved eventually.

A new documentary, Who Killed Nicole?, provides a new theory about the killer of Nicole and Goldman and presents a relationship that many were unaware Nicole had experienced. In the new documentary, the film claims that Nicole had a terrible argument with Dodi Fayed the night before both she and Goldman were found dead, according to Radar Online. Dodi Fayed had a reputation as a billionaire playboy and achieved a historical level of fame the night he died in a Paris car crash beside his girlfriend, Princess Diana, in 1998. The makers of Who Killed Nicole? are the first group of filmmakers and researchers to connect Dodi Fayed to the June 12, 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The film offers a discussion with one of Nicole’s friends who fled the public eye and went into hiding following the deaths of Nicole and Goldman. However, this friend did not exile herself because she was afraid of O.J. Simpson. Instead, the friend says she hid because she thought Fayed and his bodyguard had something to do with the murders. The night before the murders, Brown and Fayed wound up in an intense argument while partying at a Los Angeles nightclub. While Nicole and another friend were talking to Fayed’s entourage, his bodyguards started manhandling the two women.

“The bodyguards said that the women disrespected Dodi because they went out and danced with some other guys,” said O.J. Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo, according to Radar Online. “So, his gangster guards said, ‘You disrespected Dodi Fayed’ and they roughly grabbed the girls.”

Nicole was angry about how the women were treated. She got close to Fayed and started an argument with him. Eventually, the women were escorted out by security. The following day Goldman and Brown were found murdered.

“She thought Dodi Fayed and his goons were behind Nicole’s murder – that’s why she was so scared to say anything until now,” Pardo said, according to Radar Online.