Jamie Foxx Seen With Ex Kristin Grannis While Katie Holmes Visits Greece

Foxx and Holmes continue to be spotted without each other, causing many to wonder about their relationship status.

Jamie Foxx speaks on stage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards which broadcast live on FOX at the Microsoft Theater on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Foxx and Holmes continue to be spotted without each other, causing many to wonder about their relationship status.

While Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes appear to be spending a lot of time apart lately, questions about the pair’s relationship status continue to appear. Neither Foxx nor Holmes has publicly announced a breakup, but witnesses have heard Foxx claim that he is single on multiple occasions since he first uttered the phrase at the Oscars. However, without some kind of confirmation from either Foxx or Holmes, gossip about the status of their relationship continues to flood social media.

On March 24, Foxx was seen out with his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Grannis, and the former couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Annalise, according to Radar Online. Foxx was squeezing in some quality family time as he visited with Grannis and Annalise. Of course, being spotted out with Grannis caused many to wonder yet again if Foxx is still in a relationship with Holmes.

Foxx and Grannis were photographed strolling around Los Angeles with their daughter on a chilly day. The 51-year-old actor was dressed in black sweat pants, sunglasses, and a Puffer jacket for warmth. Forty-two-year-old Grannis was also dressed casually in warmer clothes. Holmes was nowhere to be seen, and lately, that has been the standard for Foxx and Holmes. In fact, ever since Foxx blurted out that he was single at the Oscars, he hasn’t been seen out at all with Holmes.

Instead of spending time with Foxx, 40-year-old Holmes was nowhere near Los Angeles over the weekend. The actress left the country to make a humanitarian visit to Greece, taking her daughter, 12-year-old Suri, with her. Holmes’s trip to Greece was part of her role as a global ambassador for Artolution, a community-centered public art experience attempting to assist with the struggles faced by local residents, according to Entertainment News.

The actress’s destination was the Moria Refugee Camp in Greece. While Holmes and Suri visited the camp, the two designed art projects with excited refugees. The actress and her daughter appeared to enjoy themselves as they worked with women and children in the refugee camp.

“Thank you, Katie Holmes for your support AND working on the ground with us in Greece, teaching performance to refugees in the Moria Refugee Camp! Showing up and sharing this experience together. Kindness in action,” Artolution said in a statement, according to Entertainment News.

While Foxx and Holmes were secretive about their relationship for years, they were still seen out in public together from time to time. Their lack of public interaction lately has many people wondering what their relationship status could be at this point. However, as Holmes and Foxx are both engaging in public outings without each other, they look lately more like single people than a committed couple.