‘L&HH’ Star Tommie Lee Was Sober Before Her Drunken Court Appearance

Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images

Prior to her drunken court appearance earlier in March, Tommie Lee, the former star of Love & Hip Hop, was attempting sobriety. Those close to Lee confirmed that she was trying hard to stay away from alcohol before her recent relapse. When Lee showed up to court drunk, her friends were shocked since she had been doing well, and they realized Lee fell back into her addiction, according to TMZ.

Last week, Tommie Lee arrived in court in Cobb County, Georgia, to deal with a hearing in her child abuse criminal case. As soon as she arrived, the police sensed that the former reality star was intoxicated. So, the judge ordered Lee to take a drug and alcohol test right away. Unfortunately for Lee, her blood alcohol level was 0.16, which is twice the legal limit. She failed the test, which also meant she violated her bond and the police arrested her that day, according to TMZ.

Lee’s child abuse charges come from an October 2018 incident when Lee interrupted her daughter’s class because she was upset with the child. She then smacked the child’s hands and face and removed her from the class, pulling her by her hair. After that, Lee slammed her daughter into a locker. Lee may wind up with a total of 54 years in jail if she is found guilty on all of the charges. Lee already has a long rap sheet; in fact, when she wanted to move to California to find work, she had to seek out a judge’s approval. The judge denied Lee’s request because of her lengthy arrest record.

After Lee’s close friends heard about her drunken court appearance, a few spoke out publicly to defend the former Love & Hip Hop star, according to TMZ. Lee had been trying to avoid alcohol, even when others enjoyed it around her. Lee would go out with friends and stay sober while her friends were drinking. Lee even stayed over at a friend’s house that had plenty of alcohol in the bar and still managed to remain sober. Lee’s friends said that Lee tends to drink when she is stressed out, so the relapse during her recent court appearance could have been triggered by that extra pressure.

“I’ve been working really hard through my problems considering the challenges that’s been set before me since I’ve been home. I’ve done all that I can do on my own to shake my habits but I do realize that I need help and I am currently seeking treatment,” Lee said in a statement, according to TMZ.