Soulja Boy Rips Gucci Over Blackface Scandal And Calls The Brand Racist

Maury Phillips Getty Images

In early February, Soulja Boy announced he was no longer going to buy or represent Gucci products after the popular brand became involved in the blackface scandal. Considering how much Soulja Boy has spent on the brand, how much time the rapper has utilized representing the designer, and the fact that he has even rapped about them with his “Gucci Bandanna” song, his refusal to continue his association with the popular designer can’t be good news for Gucci.

Right before Valentine’s Day, TMZ caught up with Soulja Boy in Beverly Hills as he was exiting Fendi with Ray J and a few of their friends. During that conversation, Soulja Boy was asked if he would still be supporting the brand after they made the ill-fated choice to sell a sweater that’s design reminded just about everybody who saw it of blackface. Soulja responded that he wants nothing further to do with Gucci, and he is even planning to give away all of his Gucci gear.

Of course, Soulja Boy became renowned for wearing Gucci clothing nearly every time he was seen out, pushing and representing the brand to others with his outfits. For example, in January, he showed up to do an interview that went viral on the Breakfast Club wearing a very striking Gucci headband. However, that was prior to the company making their blackface-like sweater design, so now Soulja Boy no longer wants to be associated with the company.

Plus, Soulja has spent plenty of his own money purchasing his wardrobe of Gucci clothing. In fact, the rapper claims he has dished out over a million dollars on their designs. So, it looks like the brand will be losing the support of a great customer who not only dropped plenty of cash on their clothes, but who also attracted others to buy their garments.

However, Soulja Boy’s distaste for Gucci doesn’t simply end with him boycotting any further purchases or ending his representation of the company. Soulja Boy not only refuses to rap about Gucci anymore because he feels they are racist, but now he is also publicly disavowing the company during his performances, according to TMZ.

During a performance on March 24 at the High Times Dope Cup in Adelanto, California, Soulja Boy stopped the music for a moment so he could spend some time sharing his distaste for Gucci with his fans. Soulja Boy started singing his “Gucci Bandanna” song prior to dropping the music so he could share his feelings about the brand peddling a sweater resembling blackface. Soulja Boy didn’t hold back, cussing about Gucci’s actions and calling the brand racist.