Alexis Ren Shows Off Booty In Sultry Bedroom Pic On Instagram

Araya DiazGetty Images

Alexis Ren is no stranger to sultry Instagram photos, as she’s amassed a fan base of over 13.1 million followers to date on the social media platform. One of her newest posts shows her hanging out on her bed, but as usual, it’s a steamy photo that showcases her fit body. In the picture, Alexis can be seen laying on her stomach as she rocked a black thong bottom. She laid on white sheets, and may have been topless, although it’s hard to tell thanks to the angles. The model also laid her head on her right arm, which she rested over an open book. She wore pink lipstick and dark eye makeup.

In addition to sharing posts, Ren typically has a stream of Stories to keep fans updated. One of her current Stories revealed that a fan wants to see more YouTube content from her. Alexis responded that “I want to show more of who I am, and YouTube has been a huge discussion between me and my team, but I also love the idea of taking it a step further, sharing my story by doing something out of the ordinary…I’m still figuring out what that looks like.”

While the message is still fairly cryptic, it sounds as though Ren is potentially going to expand her content to include more video. It’ll be interesting to see what she comes up with.

Plus, Alexis answered another question from a fan in her Stories about whether her 16-year-old self would be proud of her current self at 22-years-old. Ren responded, “I think she would be amazed at what I’ve accomplished. I forget to stop and recognize how far I’ve come and knowing that my journey is only growing is crazy to think.”

“I wish I could hug 16 year old self and tell her everything is going to be okay”

In the past years, the model has found success, not just on social media, but also in traditional modeling venues. That makes her stand out from the crowd of Instagram models, with previous gigs with Sports Illustrated and Maxim to name a couple.

And from her Instagram page, it appears that Alexis is dabbling in acting as well. She shared a video of herself taking part in a choreographed fight scene with male actors, as she embodied a modern Laura Croft-like personality. She wore simple outfits but unlike usual, she sported fake guns and other weapons.