Khloe Kardashian Slammed For Calling Fan Who Needs To Work Overtime To Afford Good American Jeans ‘Cute’

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Khloe Kardashian likes to interact with her fans on both Instagram and Twitter, but unfortunately for her, sometimes the feedback isn’t always positive.

As fans know, Khloe is the co-founder of Good American, a pricey jean company that also sells other things like workout gear and sweatshirts. Currently, the brand is sold at both Nordstrom and on the store website, and one pair of jeans will set consumers back somewhere between $159 and $189 bucks. Just last week, one fan tweeted that she was going to need to pull a few extra shifts at work just to be able to afford one pair of jeans.

“So I realized I have to work 20 hours in order to afford jeans…and I’m in love with them…catch me picking up extra shifts,” she wrote.

Once Khloe caught wind of the fan’s post she took the opportunity to respond.

“Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them,” she wrote.

But Khloe’s response to her fan has gotten under the skin of a few social media users. So far, the post has received over 1,000 comments in addition to 960-plus retweets. Many Twitter users commented on the post to slam Kardashian for being “tone deaf” and many thought that her comment was incredibly insensitive.

“Not to sound like a hater but this actually upsets me!! someone had to work a stupid amount of hours to afford ONE pair of jeans. A millionaire thinks it’s ‘cute’ that ppl have to calculate & think how many hours they have to work to afford little things,” one follower wrote.

“Sick. She doesn’t even realize how tone deaf this is bc she’s been rich her whole life lol. ‘Being poor is so cute! lol.'”

“Wtf is cute about having to work 20hrs extra in order to afford ONE item of clothing??? Enlighten us poor ppl,” one more chimed in.

And all of this news comes amid reports that friends are really worried about KoKo. As The Inquisitr shared earlier this week, an insider close to the reality star says that friends are worried about Kardashian and her eating habits. According to the source, Khloe has not been losing weight the healthy way, skipping meals and living on caffeine and “green juice.”

The insider goes on to share that while Khloe is acting like she is normal and okay on the outside, on the inside she is completely heartbroken and skipping meals because of it. Not only that, but she’s also doing two workouts a day and has been losing several pounds in a week — which isn’t healthy.

Hopefully Khloe can move past all of the Tristan Thompson drama sometime in the near future.