Where Does Denise Richards Stand With Lisa Vanderpump After ‘RHOBH’ Season 9?

Isabella VosmikovaBravo

Is Denise Richards estranged from co-star Lisa Vanderpump, along with the rest of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

During a March 25 episode of Bravo Pregame, Richards opened up about her thoughts on Vanderpump, who has been accused of setting up Teddi Mellencamp to plant a mean story about Dorit Kemsley due to her decision to give up a dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs.

While the majority of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is currently estranged from Vanderpump, who attempted to redeem herself with text messages earlier this month, Richards didn’t seem to hold any ill will for her co-star during her interview on Monday.

“My personal experience with Lisa Vanderpump, she was so lovely; she’s very compassionate and we had a lot in common,” Richards explained to host Daryn Carp.

“I wish I got to do more with her on the show.”

As for the ongoing Puppy Gate drama, Richards said that she believes Kemsley should have told Vanderpump that she was giving her dog away before she did so. That way, when the animal turned up at the animal shelter, Vanderpump wouldn’t have thought Kemsley was responsible.

“I do think Dorit, and I said this to her, should have let her know ahead of time,” Richards said. “But the dog is safe and in a great home I’m sure.”

“I think it’s time to move on,” she added.

Throughout the ninth season of The Real Housewives Beverly Hills, the cast of the show has been trying to figure out who it was that put Mellencamp up to repeating an ill story about Kemsley and her dog. However, as fans have heard over the past several days, Mellencamp didn’t reveal the full story to her co-stars. Instead, she failed to share the part about Kemsley allegedly locking the animal in her basement until after claiming John Blizzard was told by Vanderpump to tell her what had happened.

While Kemsley has denied having any bad intentions for the animal she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs, many have wondered why she didn’t simply return the animal to the rescue center, rather than give it away to someone she didn’t know all that well. Still, the dog is now safe and sound and no longer at the animal shelter where she was initially taken.

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