Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Maxie Faces Questions From Dante And Anna Gets Tearful With Peter

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will have some intriguing conversations playing out that fans are anxious to watch. Dante is back in Port Charles and he’s trying to catch up on all of the news he’s missed over the past few months. There’s more chaos related to Shiloh and his Dawn of Day group coming up during the March 26 show, and spoilers detail that Anna will get emotional while talking to Peter at one point too.

As viewers saw last week, Anna is desperate to figure out what memories she may have of her sister Alex’s. General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Peter may factor into this situation and fans have been speculating that it may turn out that Peter is Alex’s son, not Anna’s.

If that does end up being the case, it doesn’t look as if it’ll be revealed quite yet. However, General Hospital spoilers do share that Anna will try to connect with Peter and she’ll cry as she expresses her desire to develop a relationship with him.

Peter has been pretty resistant in bonding with Anna and all signs point toward this relationship getting even more complicated in the days ahead. According to Soap Central, Anna will be receiving a message of some sort this week and soon she will have to come to terms with a painful possibility.

Of course, this painful possibility could simply be that Peter continues to hold her at a distance and she comes to terms with the fact that they will never have a close mother-son dynamic. However, fans are betting that whatever is on the horizon is even more painful.

Dante is struggling a great deal right now and General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get even more difficult for him as the week continues. During Tuesday’s show, however, he’ll get a chance to chat with Maxie and catch up on all of the latest happenings.

Fans are already buzzing about the tidbit from this conversation that was shared in the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Dante will be taken aback to learn that Maxie has grown quite close to Peter and that Peter regularly spends time with baby James.

While Maxie has been working through the connections here, this is still fresh for Dante. He will surely be thinking of Peter’s ties to Faison popping up again and how that led to Nathan’s death and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps mention that Dante will be startled during this next episode.

Dante may be startled in the sense of being rattled by his PTSD and the memories that are haunting him. However, it may also be that he’s rattled to learn how much time Peter is spending with those he cares about.

Will Dante’s concerns nudge Maxie to change course when it comes to this slowly-developing romance with Peter? Are viewers on the brink of seeing a bombshell emerge regarding Peter and his ties to Anna? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be wild as this week plays out and viewers are buzzing over what they think the writers have planned.