Brandi Glanville ‘Never Takes Responsibility,’ LeAnn Rimes’ Rep Charges

The Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes feud seems ever present, whether it ebbs or flows, and now Rimes’ rep has some harsh words for the vocal Real Housewives star.

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes have been sniping at each other since, years back, Rimes’ and Glanville’s ex Eddie Cibrian hit it off hard on the set of the TV movie Northern Lights. So hard, in fact, that Cibrian left Glanville and their two children and went off to marry the country singer.

Since then, Brandi Glanville has been unable to contain her simmering rage at Rimes, gleefully and passive aggressively sniping at the singer on Twitter and every so often, slamming her ex publicly for myriad reasons.

Most recently, Glanville lashed out at the couple and claimed she feels her kids are not well cared for when in the custody of her ex and his new wife. The reality TV star said:

“LeAnn needs to get help … She may be unstable and I am concerned; I want to protect [the children.] I want to make sure she’s as healthy as she can be.”

The classic false concern emanating from Glanville wasn’t lost on LeAnn’s rep Marcel Pariseau, who lashed out at Brandi at length in a heated diatribe sent to tabloids in response to the remark.

Pariseau begins:

“Brandi might consider getting some help with her drinking. If you watch her show, read her book and follow her tweets, she is constantly referring to her drinking. Even the title of her book has the word drinking in it. In fact, she was arrested for a DUI. It is a fact that after a night of drinking in Vegas she married her ex-best friend’s ex-husband.”

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The rep also tackles Brandi Glanville’s claims that Cibrian is a poor provider for their kids, adding:

“In reality he has two films in the can and recurring on two television shows. She makes it sound like [Rimes and Cibrian] are scraping by but read her book where she devotes a whole page to what she does to her face; fillers, botox, skin treatments, etc. And just recently on Entertainment Tonight had botox done to her hands. All of that doesn’t come cheap. Eddie pays for all of the boys expenses like school, sports, clothing, etc.”


The enraged publicist concludes:

“Brandi is one of the most narcissistic people around. She never takes responsibility for anything … Basically everyone past and present is at fault but no fault lies with her. Read the description of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and tell me what you think?”

Do you think it’s time for Brandi Glanville to move on and leave LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian alone, or is it understandable she’s still angry over the situation?