'Clueless' Co-Stars Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd Pay Tribute To Brittany Murphy 10 Years After Her Death

Victoria Miller

The Clueless cast reunited, but one Betty was missing. Over the weekend, Breckin Meyer, who played stoner high schooler Travis Birkenstock in the 1995 Amy Heckerling hit, posted a photo of himself and three other Clueless stars at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Meyer posed with star Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz), Paul Rudd (Josh), and Donald Faison (Murray) as they appeared on a panel to talk about the cult classic film.

While one of Cher's besties was missing (Stacey Dash, who played Dionne in the movie, did not attend the panel), the foursome couldn't help but remember one of their other co-stars: actress Brittany Murphy, who played Tai Frasier in the beloved comedy film. Murphy mysteriously died in 2009 at age 32 after suffering from pneumonia and "multiple drug intoxication."

Brittany Murphy was just 17-years-old when she played clumsy newcomer Tai Frasier in Clueless, a character that Silverstone's Cher took under her wing and transformed into a popular babe. Brittany Murphy went on to become a major movie star in films like Girl, Interrupted and 8 Mile, a fact that her Clueless co-stars did not overlook as they paid tribute to her.

Alicia Silverstone revealed that she was actually in the room with Clueless director/writer Amy Heckerling when Brittany Murphy auditioned for the role of Tai. Silverstone added that she knew Murphy was perfect for the role and she cited one of the late actress's character's lines as her favorite in the comedy film, Page Six reports.

"I remember just being blown away by what she did in that room and then thinking I had to tell Amy, just in case she didn't know, that Brittany Murphy was the one that had to play the part, She was so good, I love when she says, 'You're a virgin who can't drive.' It's just one of my favorite moments of the whole movie."

"Ridiculously talented. Like, you see [her in Clueless] and then you watch 8 Mile, and you're like, 'That's the same person?'"

And Donald Faison also offered up a tidbit that not all Clueless fans may have realized: Brittany Murphy could also sing and dance. And he wasn't just talking about "Rollin' With the Homies," either.

Take a look at the Clueless clip with Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy below.