Big Sean Opens Up About Battling Depression & Anxiety, Seeking Therapy

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Big Sean is learning to love himself, and he’s not ashamed to say that therapy is helping him do so. The rapper scrubbed his Instagram account on Sunday evening and posted three new videos, in which he opened up about his battle with depression and anxiety. Sean turned 31 on Monday, and celebrated the occasion by sharing a few updates about where he is in life, according to Complex.

“As I’m going into another year of life, wiser, I’m definitely seeing things different than how I used to see ’em,” Sean said in the first video. “I just wanted to speak on it and share, you know, because a lot of y’all need insight just like I do and probably felt similar too.”

As fans know, Sean called off his previously announced “Unfriendly Reminder” tour with Playboi Carti. At the time, the rapper explained that he needed to focus on time in the studio, but he later revealed in an interview that his decision to go on a hiatus was a result of his mental health battle.

Sean’s latest music release was his album Double or Nothing with Metro Boomin in 2017.

He explained in the Instagram updates that his “energy” was not feeling right last year, and that he started to feel “lost,” TMZ reported. Sean decided to start seeing a therapist to help him work through his emotions.

“I got a good therapist, I was blessed enough to talk to some super spiritual people, and they made me realize what I was missing in my life and one thing I was missing was clarity,” he said.

Sean added that the lack of clarity affected his music, which had been something that brought him happiness. He noted that music once felt like an escape for him, but it began to feel like a “burden” and a job. His outlook on life soon affected his relationships, including his relationship with his mother. The “Blessings” rapper decided he needed to make a change.

After some time taking care of himself, Sean is happy to report that he is enjoying his music again, and is working at a “higher level.” The rapper noted that he had “rediscovered himself” and had found a “new source of energy.”

“I’m making the best music of my life,” he said in the third video, according to MTV.

Sean is now scheduled to perform at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival alongside artists like 21 Savage, SZA, and Teyana Taylor on April 6.