Snoop Dogg Goes On Controversial Tirade After Being Pulled Over

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Snoop Dogg had some choice words for a police officer that recently pulled him over in New York City, reports The Blast.

On Sunday night, the rapper was in his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van when was pulled over for what was an alleged traffic violation.

No further details on the violation have been released. Snoop Dogg was clearly upset about the situation after it happened and later lashed out against the officer who signaled him to stop, singling him out for his nationality.

In a recently posted Instagram video of the incident, the performer implied that he was being unfairly hassled by a cop who was not an American citizen.

“Why is it always some motherf**ker that ain’t from America that pull you over?!” Snoop Dogg asked on Instagram. “The slushie machine is broken motherf**cker … you got your citizenship?!”

Some on social media have called out the artist for having a “bigoted” and “xenophobic” stance. He also has others that are supporting his words and actions concerning the situation.

According to The Blast, the video may be showing that his driver was the one getting a ticket for what may have been window tint.

He advised his fans to get lawyers and “keep alibis around you” because “they’re out to get your a**.”

Snoop Dogg’s words have landed him in hot water before, as it was only a few weeks ago that the celebrity filmed and posted another profanity-ridden outburst criticizing the Los Angeles Lakers following a loss to the Phoenix Suns.

Complex reported that he called for the firing of coach Luke Walton and for the removal of the team, sans-Lebron, by a “slave ship.”

“Ship all them n***as out. Get a slave ship, and ship all them sorry motherf**kers the f**k outta here!” he said in the video. “These sorry mother f**kers ain’t going to do sh**. These goofballs ain’t going to do sh**. They sorry.”

Snoop Dogg also offered to sell his expensive box seats for only $5.

Following the posting of the comments, “sources close to Snoop” told TMZ that Snoop Dogg’s words were not made to be intentionally disrespectful of the black community.

According to the sources, the famous rapper did not have a “single racist bone in his body,” and especially did not hold any ill will against people of his own race.

Following the rant, The New York Times reported that the Lakers were going to fire Walton as coach at the end of the season, saying “the prevailing assumption” was that this would be the coach’s last season.