‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Sonny Vows To Protect Kristina As Shiloh’s Antics Ruffle More Feathers

Craig SjodinABC

Shiloh thinks that he has the upper hand as he spreads the word about Dawn of Day throughout Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may have underestimated the obstacles that will soon cross his path. He is luring in Kristina and thinks he has Sam and Jason fairly well figured out, but Kristina’s father Sonny is back in town and that will add a new dynamic to this situation.

The preview for Monday’s show indicates that Sonny will quickly get up to speed on Kristina’s deepening involvement in Shiloh’s organization. Viewers know that Shiloh is bad news and more people within Port Charles are figuring that out now, too. However, Kristina is still completely blind to this and General Hospital spoilers hint that someone may soon take extreme measures soon to protect her.

She Knows Soaps notes that Monday’s show has plenty of Shiloh-related action in it. Willow is going to open up to Chase about her difficult past with the DOD head, and Jason will confront him over getting too close to his family. However, Chase, Jason, and Sam aren’t the only skeptics when it comes to Shiloh and the game he’s playing.

A sneak peek reveals that Sonny and Michael will have a discussion about this Kristina situation. Michael is growing suspicious of Shiloh now, too, and General Hospital spoilers detail that it won’t take long for Sonny to become equally wary of DOD. Sonny will tell Michael to do whatever it takes to protect Kristina, and there is little doubt Michael will take this seriously.

Kristina is going to talk with her mother about how she is coming to believe that the only family she can count on is her family at Dawn of Day. This will surely rattle Alexis, but she hasn’t been quite as concerned about Shiloh and DOD as some of Kristina’s other loved ones. Alexis may try to talk some sense into her daughter after this statement, but that may just push Krissy even further away.

There are some signs suggesting that this conversation with Kristina may leave Alexis seriously worried and ready to take action. General Hospital spoilers note that she will make a call to Jordan for some reason, but it’s not clear yet whether that’s related to Shiloh.

However, Soap Central indicates that Alexis and Sonny will be forming a plan of sorts this week. That tidbit almost certainly means that Krissy’s parents will join forces to ensure she stays safe.

It looks like Shiloh will remain confident and controlling for now, perhaps not realizing that the walls may soon close in on him. Willow is terrified of him and Kristina is swooning, but those who care for these two women are not going to let any further harm come to them. General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get wild as this storyline moves forward and fans will definitely be buzzing over what comes next.