Samantha Hoopes Shares A Booty Shot With Instagram Fans

Craig BarrittGetty Images

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Sports Illustrated model Samantha Hoopes shared a new photo with her fans, and it showcased her derriere. The dramatic photo showed her sporting a white, high-cut one-piece swimsuit. She stood with her back towards the camera on the side of a pool. Behind her was a high wall of green foliage, and her reflection could be seen in the pool below. Samantha wore her hair down in defined curls, and looked over her right shoulder with her hands on her hips.

This is hardly the most risque photo that Hoopes has shared recently, as she’s shared a busty photo along with an all-nude photo earlier this month. The nude photo showed Samantha sitting on the ground, as she sat in such a way to censor herself. In addition to that, the model recently posed braless under a flannel shirt and basic white bottoms. She placed her right foot on a small side table, and looked straight at the camera.

With all that being said, fans can look forward to more content. Samantha shared a video selfie on March 14 saying that she thought her Instagram had been boring lately. She also noted that she’ll be traveling and posting more, so that’s great news for her 1.1 million Instagram followers.

In addition, Samantha’s agent from Elite Model Management, Victor Del Toro previously revealed some personal details about her. According to Galore Mag, Del Toro shared one of the craziest memories he has with Hoopes.

“That would be when someone at the event stole her cell phone and I used the find my phone app to track the person who had it. I was running down the streets of Nashville with 3 police officers tracking down the guy who took it!”

Victor also noted that “I used to represent a childhood friend of hers and Samantha saw how well she we doing and looked me up. The rest is history!”

In addition to sharing details about what it’s like to represent Samantha, the agent took some time to give advice to aspiring models. Of course, modeling is one of the most competitive industries out there. It takes not just talent and beauty, but also skill and tenacity. Del Toro’s note for those who want to break into modeling was simple, as he explained, “I would say girls do your research on the the agency and agent of where you would like to be.”