‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Robin Holzken Rocks Lacy Lingerie On Instagram

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Robin Holzken is keeping her fans tuned in to her daily life on Instagram, and her latest post shows her posing in blue lingerie. The model stood with her legs crossed, and she played with her hair with her right hand. The lingerie consisted of a light blue bra with a dark blue bow and a matching pair of lacy bottoms. It appears that she was on set for a gig, because there’s a wardrobe rack visible in the backdrop — along with other lingerie sets.

That’s not to mention her other recent post, wherein she wore a pink T-shirt bra and white sweats. This photo from March 16 was more casual, although she also appeared to be on set then, too. In the backdrop, you can see a photography set up.

The model doesn’t just post photos from gigs, however, as she offers a mix of professional and personal photos on her social media page. This includes selfies — like one from March 14, where she appeared to have just stepped out of the shower. She kept her makeup simple, with glossy lips and a hint of eyeshadow. Her hair was slicked back and still damp, and she took the photo in front of a white tiled wall.

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Me holding onto the weekend like..

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This is Robin’s second year working with Sports Illustrated, and she’ll be joining other models in Kenya at the Hemingways Ol Seki Mara Camp. It’s not the typical resort-hotel that SI often uses for shoots. Instead, it’s a luxury tenting experience located in the Naboisho Conservancy. The key is the word “luxury,” however, as the tents are a far cry from the typical camping experience. They have electricity, with the option to hire a butler for your stay. One of the perks of staying there is the opportunity to glimpse wildlife, including game animals.

Holzken previously noted her love for animals, so it’s likely she’s going to enjoy her trip to Kenya.

“I’ve always loved dogs. I love animals, and if I wasn’t modeling, I would be studying something with that right now. I wanted to have my own dog hotel, so people could go on vacation, and they give me their pets to look after.”

“Growing up in Holland was great. Where I grew up everything was a lot more green and I miss that in New York. There were more cows and sheep where I grew up, you don’t get a lot of that New York,” the model added.

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