PlayStation 4 Unveiled: Gamers Disappointed By Sony Plans

PlayStation 4 Unveiled: Gamers Disappointed By Sony Plans

The PlayStation 4 was unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting yesterday evening. Many PS4 rumors were confirmed including the higher-powered graphics processing specifications, although some surprises were in store. But many critics and gamers were disappointed in Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 4.

UPI claims that “many watchers were disappointed. Critics agreed that the graphics on the new PS4 were good, noting that developers spent more time showing off suede textures and realist blood spatter than an innovative and multipurpose system.”

Many gamers were looking toward the PlayStation 4 unveiling some sort of gaming innovation. Besides the social interaction possibilities, the new DualShock 4 controller is probably the biggest innovator with its touchpad, share button, and light bar. The PS4 will mimic the Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect, providing a camera system to track player movement.

According to the Christian Post, Brian Blau, an analyst at the tech consultancy Gartner, says the PlayStation 4 controller is the highlight:

“This is a complete controller upgrade with touch, share and better responsiveness. The new controller is the key to a better PS4 experience. It has the ability to share content easily, and brings in a component of touch that allows even more ways to interact with games.”

Many gamers will probably be disappointed that the unveiled PlayStation 4 will not have backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3. This is obviously because the PS3 uses a Cell processor while the PS4 will use an AMD based x64 processor. This huge difference makes it difficult to emulate old games (the early PS3 model actually had a PS2 chip in it for emulation). A PlayStation 4 rumor said that cloud gaming via Gaikai would provide a different type of backwards compatibility, but so far this rumor hasn’t been confirmed or denied directly.

Even the decision to keep with a simple number system for the PlayStation 4 has been criticized.

Some gamers are simply disappointed that the appearance of the PlayStation 4 was not unveiled yet. While the external appearance does not affect gameplay, some people feel it is a fashion statement in their living room.

Were you disappointed in the PlayStation 4 unveiling?