Wendy Williams Not Wearing Wedding Ring Amidst Kevin Hunter Drama, Alleges ‘Page Six’

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images for Vulture Festival

Wendy Williams was seen without the stunning wedding ring gifted to the talk show host from husband Kevin Hunter as she left the sober house she is currently residing in as she tries to get her life back on track.

Page Six reported that Williams was without the stunning diamond jewelry she proudly showed off to viewers upon her return to her eponymous talk show after a two-month hiatus.

She recently stated on the talk show in an attempt to clarify ongoing rumors of Hunter’s infidelity, “I’m still very much in love with my husband.”

She then pointed to her wedding ring and stated, “It ain’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime.”

Page Six alleged that upon taping her talk show, Williams puts her wedding ring on. One reason Williams was seen without her ring could be that she doesn’t want to wear the large stone and diamond-encrusted band during her time in the facility, where she revealed during a heartfelt statement on her show that she lives with “a bunch of smelly boys who’ve become my family.”

The New York Times reported that Williams noted no one but her husband and her son was aware she was residing in a sober-living facility.

Williams’ friend Paul Porter said to Page Six that he felt the recovering addict has to dump her husband to assist in her continued recovery and overall health.

“I’m worried about her health. Somebody needs to do something,” said Porter.

He also called Williams’ husband a “control freak” and “a terror.”

It is alleged that Kevin Hunter has a mistress, Sharina Hudson. The Inquisitr previously reported that Hunter will not leave Williams for Hudson because the talk show host is the main breadwinner in their family.

Hunter recently shared a statement to Entertainment Tonight that addressed the many rumors regarding his marriage to the talk show host.

“Wendy is doing well. We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves,” Hunter stated to the outlet. “It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this a family process… and we are dealing with it and moving forward.”

B. Scott, who initially reported about Hunter’s affair in late 2018, recently posted that Hunter and his mistress have welcomed a baby girl. The site alleges that Sharina gave birth to the couple’s first child on Friday, March 22. The twosome also allegedly used different names while checking into the hospital, and they allegedly paid cash for their bill.

Williams has not commented thus far on the aforementioned allegations regarding either Hunter’s mistress, a pregnancy, or baby birth.