Tucker Carlson Accused Of Bullying CNN Host Brian Stelter With Fat-Shaming Prank

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Embattled Fox News host Tucker Carlson seems to be bullying CNN journalist Brian Stetler with a campaign of name-calling and pranks aimed at fat-shaming the host of the show Reliable Sources.

PageSix says that Carlson reported on his own website that he sent an “unsolicited box of doughnuts” to Stetler, whom he has called CNN’s “house eunuch.” Friends of Carlson say as part of his “joke,” Carlson will send Stetler another box of baked goods next week.

It’s not clear what prompted Carlson to send doughnuts at this time, or exactly what he is trying to say, but the staff at CNN thinks that the Fox pundit is trying to “fat-shame” Stelter. Some believe that a piece Stetler wrote in November stating that Carlson exaggerated the risk posed to his family by protesters who reportedly congregated at his home. Stetler’s headline addressed this opinion.

“Tucker Carlson claimed his door was ‘cracked’ by Antifa protesters. The police saw no sign of that.”

Carlson was also angry that Stetler, among others, continues to cover old interviews where the Fox host defended convicted pedophile Warren Jeffs and called women “primitive.” Stetler has been clear that he wants to interview Carlson about the old interviews to see if his opinions have changed.

When asked about the doughnut prank, Stetler made light of the matter.

“Is this Tucker’s way of saying yes to my interview request? If so, I’ll accept his silly delivery.”

Carlson has been outspoken since he became the story in the fall after a series of gaffes and missteps, including an alleged assault at his Virginia country club that was caught on tape. Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is representing the man who claims he was hurt in the fray, said that Carlson assaulted a “gay, Latino immigrant, and had his membership rescinded,” reported The Inquisitr.

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Avenatti tweeted Carlson, saying that the Fox News host told the man to go back to wherever he came from, adding that Carlson was drunk.

“You are the aggressor in the video as is your friend. The man at the bar sits there calmly. Numerous witnesses contradict your claim of innocence. Your daughter was drinking underage in a bar with your assistance and knowledge. You were intoxicated.”

Carlson continued defending himself and his children, saying that nobody assaulted the man, but admits that his son threw a glass of red wine in the former club member’s face.