‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Ban: Film Receives Backlash In Pakistan

Zero Dark Thirty Ban

Zero Dark Thirty has been unofficially banned in Pakistan.

Although the film has yet to officially screen in the country, officials have already lashed out at the controversial motion picture due to its portrayal of Pakistan. According to NBC News, the film is widely available as both a physical bootleg and a pirated download.

Mohsin Yaseen, general manager of the largest movie theater chain in Pakistan, said he had no intention of purchasing Zero Dark Thirty for his cinemas. Although Yaseen sited piracy as one of the major reasons for passing on the film, he added that the film’s portrayal of his people and his country also played a role in the decision.

He explained:

“As a local distributor, there was no financial viability for me. The film was already widely available in the [pirated] DVD market. But as a film buff, the movie was inaccurate about Pakistan. If you’re going to say something about a complicated part of the world, then you should say it right.”

While the film hasn’t received an official release, these bootleg copies of Zero Dark Thirty are essentially contributing to the backlash and the unofficial ban.

Zero Dark Thirty Parkistan

The Associated Press reports that many newspapers and media outlets in Pakistan have complained about the inaccuracies peppered throughout Zero Dark Thirty. Dawn columnist Nadeem F. Paracha was surprised that a major Hollywood production got so many facts wrong on its way to the big screen.

He said:

“How can you make a Hollywood blockbuster, put in so much money and get simple things wrong? Instead of the film being taken seriously, it became a joke among Pakistanis.”

Zero Dark Thirty might be hated overseas, but it continues to receive honors here in the States. The Inquisitr previously reported that the film picked up a best screenplay prize at the Writers Guilds of America awards ceremony.

What do you think about Zero Dark Thirty being unofficially banned in Pakistan?