Melody Thornton Lost Senses Of Smell And Hearing While In Pussycat Dolls

Jeff Spicer Getty Images

Melody Thornton, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls, recently shared some information about her time in the girl group. Apparently, the women in the group had a lot of stress placed upon them to perform, and Thornton admitted that for her, that led to several illnesses, creating other problems for her. The pressure the group faced on a daily basis was “really intense,” as Thornton describes it, and the variety of sicknesses she experienced because of the stress she faced created other issues, including the loss of her sense of smell and part of her hearing, according to Celeb Entertainment.

The singer, who is now 34-years-old, said the group was told to keep on going with performances, even when the band found it difficult to keep doing what they were doing. Since they had to perform and be at the top of their game for such long periods of time, Thornton wound up dealing with a string of health problems while she was a member of the Pussycat Dolls. Also, because of the group’s intense schedule and the fact that the girls were not allowed to rest up and get better, she damaged herself. However, since she is no longer with the group, she feels much better and has been able to overcome most of the illnesses she contracted.

”In the Dolls, we kept going, no matter how hard it was. I suffered hearing loss through severe sinus infection and I lost my sense of smell, which affected my sense of taste. I was glad I was young enough that it came back. I had syringes up my nose to get steroid shots into my system — we were being worked that hard. It was crazy and really intense,” Thornton said, according to Celeb Entertainment.

Thornton pushed herself to the edge during her time with the Pussycat Dolls, but she admits she also overworked herself another time. Thornton said she was ill most of the time while she competed on Britain’s reality TV show, Dancing On Ice, and nearly worked herself to death while she was preparing to participate in the skating competition.

“I was sick the entire time. It was like a cold I couldn’t shake or a virus that wouldn’t go away. It was a clear indication that I was working myself into the ground but I’m used to working through it,” Thornton said, according to Contact Music.

While Thornton admits she often works hard, she often pushes herself to do the best she can. While she doesn’t feel that she is a workaholic, she does admit she sets a high standard for herself.