March 25, 2019
CM Punk Is Still Training For The MMA, Says UFC Star Anthony Pettis

CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, was a WWE wrestling superstar for many years, but his real dream was to become a mixed martial artist. CM Punk has since dipped his toes into the UFC and was attempting to pursue his dream, but he wound up with an 0-2 record.

While many have been wondering about when he will fight again, CM Punk has been spending a lot of his time training and trying to become a better fighter. Lately, he has been having fun working as a training partner for his teammates, and he feels he is learning more and more each day with all of the practicing. He is also happy with his new job, working for Cage Fury Fighting Championship as a color commentator, according to MMA Weekly.

When Punk first let the public know he wanted to leave professional wrestling and take on mixed martial arts, many of his fans wanted to know right away when his first fight would be. After that first fight, he was immediately questioned about when he would fight next. After completing his first two fights, Punk has still yet to complete a third, and his fans have been wondering when his third fight will be. While that question still hasn't been answered yet, what fans have learned is that Punk is still actively training as a fighter.

Although Punk lost his first two fights without much to distinguish himself in the ring, he's still training often to fight. Punk's teammate, Anthony Pettis, who is also a star in the UFC, recently confirmed that Punk is still going to the gym often with his team.

"He is still training. I don't know what his plan is. I know he's doing some movies and a couple other things, but I'm not sure if he plans on fighting again or what. But, I know he's still training... That dude's a hard worker," Pettis said about Punk, according to TMZ.

Punk lost his first two fights, but he is still willing to do what he has to do so his skills as a fighter improve. Punk's first fight was in September of 2016 against Mickey Gail. Gail completely ruled during that match, and eventually choked Punk out. Punk's next fight was against Mike "The Truth" Jackson, where Punk lost in a unanimous decision. However, when Punk completed his second fight, it looked like his skills had vastly improved. Still, he wound up with an 0-2 record. Even with a losing record, Punk has chalked up a lot of training time, and earned the respect of teammates like Pettis.

"Not many people in the world can do what he did. I mean, it's on the biggest stage, and he fought some good guys too. It's not like he was fighting scrubs. He's fighting good guys in the UFC," Pettis said, according to TMZ