Ex-‘Idol’ Contestant Chikezie Eze Claims His Estranged Wife Vanished With Kids

Ethan Miller Getty Images

Chikezie Eze, a former contestant on American Idol, announced this week that his estranged wife took the couple’s children and vanished over 12 months ago. Eze also reported that the court is now behind him and trying to assist him with his search, according to TMZ.

Eze and his estranged ex-wife, Linda Iruke, struggled with their quarrels for years, but her disappearance with the couple’s kids has created a lot of concern. Last year, Iruke alleged that Eze had committed domestic violence against her and also threatened her several times. As a result of those claims, Eze filed for divorce about the same time Iruke made her accusations.

At the beginning of 2018, after Iruke leveled her accusations and Eze decided it was time for the couple to legally split, the wife disappeared. After she vanished, she cut off communication with not only Eze, but also her closest friends and her own family. Iruke’s family has not heard from her throughout this ordeal, which is very disconcerting for Eze.

“We all want the same thing,” Eze said, according to Pop Culture. “We all want the kids to be safe. We all want the kids to be home.”

Now, there are new legal documents filed in court that will help support Eze as he attempts to locate his ex-wife and the couple’s children. The court feels that there is plenty of evidence showing that Iruke took the children and then hid them without Eze’s knowledge. As a result, the court gave the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office permission to investigate the incident, and also help locate Iruke, as well as the children.

When Eze learned that he finally had both the law and police backing to assist him with his search, he was ecstatic. Eze also said that Iruke’s family, and more specifically, her mother, have also helped him with the court issues, and without their assistance, the court may not have taken action.

Eze says he has undergone a lot of distress as a result of Iruke’s actions, and he hopes he will be communicating with his children again soon. Missing birthdays and holidays with his kids has been difficult for him. While discussing the incident, Eze also had an emotional statement he wanted his son to hear for the child’s birthday. Eze spoke in a way that indicates he believes his son could hear him.

“Happy birthday, big guy,” he said, according to Pop Culture. “Daddy loves you. Grandpa and Grandma love you, too. Everybody is thinking about you ever single day, and we’re going to see you soon, okay? We’re going to see you soon.”