Missouri Meteorologist Criticized For Opting To Use Her Maiden Name On Air


Whether a woman decides to change her last name to her husband’s after getting married is a choice that is totally up to her. Television meteorologist Abby Dyer works for the NBC affiliate based in Missouri. After getting married, she opted to continue using her last name of Dyer while on air. This was a decision that she and her husband made together after much consideration. What she didn’t expect was to receive a letter in the mail scolding her for not using her husband’s last name. One anonymous viewer had a lot to say about Dyer’s personal choice and didn’t hold back from telling her, according to Today.

The letter questioned if Dyer was ashamed of her husband and that was the reason she didn’t take his last name. It went on to accuse her of keeping her maiden name to appear as if she were still single and available.

“I know my husband would be irritated if I continued to use my maiden name. I bet the reason you keep this maiden name you are obsessed with is you want men to think you are hot and a single girl. Have a great single day, single girl.”

Understandably, Dyer wasn’t pleased that she had to defend her marriage to complete and total strangers. Nevertheless, she turned to Facebook to share the hurtful letter and respond to the anonymous woman who felt that she needed to call her out. While the meteorologist would have liked to respond to the sender directly, the writer of course left no name or return address. Thus, Dyer posted her response on social media to clear up any confusion.

“I am happily married. Most of my posts and commentary are about the weather — since that’s my job — and not my personal life. But you don’t have to look hard through my posts to find photos of my family that I have shared publicly with the world. You may also have noticed that I wear my wedding ring proudly every day.”

She went on to discuss the lack of privacy she is forced to deal with due to her very public profession. While many women aren’t likely to find themselves in a situation in which they have to publicly explain intimate details of their lives, Dyer has no such luxury. However, she proudly shared that her husband supported her decision to continue using the name she’s had all her life.