Winter Storm: Great Plains Blizzard Worst In Years

Winter Storm: Great Plains Blizzard Worst In Years

A winter storm is brewing across the Midwest. The Great Plains blizzard is expected to be the worst in years, affecting around 30 million people with piles of snow.

The blizzard Nemo has many people very aware of the danger that winter storms pose throughout the northern region. Modern weather forecasting technology has much improved, allowing people to seek safety before the onslaught of the annual winter storms.

According to the Washington Post, the Great Plains winter storm will be the strongest snow storm the Midwest has seen in years:

“Officials said the storm could be the Midwest’s worst since a two-day storm that began Feb. 1, 2011. That storm was blamed for about two dozen deaths and left hundreds of thousands without power, some for several days. At its peak, the storm created white-out conditions so intense that Interstate 70 was shut down across the entire state of Missouri.”

According to CNN, many people living in the area could not believe it when reports of a winter storm started coming in. Kalya Avery of Arizona had this to say:

“We received a blizzard warning last night through the emergency broadcasting system. Most of us didn’t believe it. Most of the news reports said it probably wouldn’t snow in the valley, and two hours later it was snowing. My brother and I were staring out the window saying, ‘What? It’s snowing in Tucson? That’s not supposed to happen!'”

The winter storm is expected to cover 800,000 square miles in 18 states through the Central Plains and Midwest. About 30 million people will be affected by the snow brought by the winter storm. Blizzard conditions could produce 18 inches of snow in Kansas. Combine that with lightning storms, sleet, and whiteouts and you have quite an unexpected danger.

The winter storm is severe enough that the PGA Tour is postponing a golf tournament in Marana, Arizona. Airports all over are canceling flights. A fatal car crash in Oklahoma has been blamed on the winter storm.