Florida Man Used Instagram To Prey On Teenage Girl

Orange County Jail

A 25-year-old Florida man named Richard Brown has been arrested and accused of using Instagram as a tool to prey on and lure in teenage girls.

According to Click Orlando­, an Orlando CBS affiliate, Brown used Instagram to build a friendship with a 17-year-old girl who lived in Texas before luring her to travel across two states to his home where he proceeded to sexually assault her for several days.

The arrest affidavit reveals Brown told the girl via Instagram he was a 19-year-old famous influencer on the social media platform. The teenager told authorities she had ran away from home and carried on a conversation with Brown for three months via Instagram before he made the decision to help get her to Florida.

According to WFTV, authorities confirmed that Brown shelled out over $800 in Uber ride fares to transport the teenager across two states traveling through the state of Texas and Louisiana to his home in Apopka, Florida.

The teenager told authorities she immediately made it clear to the man that she wanted to go home after arriving at his house and realizing he had lied to her. According to the girl, it was at that point in time when he told her that she “owed him” for going through the trouble of transporting her all the way from Texas to his home.

The teenager recalls that Brown spent the next three days sexually battering and abusing her. She was finally able to escape from the 25-year-old after he fell asleep. After getting away, she called her mother and then 911.

Brown insisted to the police that he was nothing more than a friend to the teenager and invited her into his home because she claimed she needed a place to stay. He, however, denied having any sexual contact with the young girl and insisted that he was under the impression she was 18-years-old.

Brown’s attorney told Fox 35 Orlando, that there were several inconsistencies in the arrest affidavit that didn’t make sense regarding the crime his client has been accused of.

“The victim said to police she met Mr. Brown through Instagram but somehow her account was hacked,” his lawyer explained when speaking to the media outlet.

Brown’s lawyer also claimed that the teenage girl has not been able to download and show any of the alleged Instagram messages of their three-month friendship to the police.

Police arrested Richard Brown on Thursday before booking him at Orange County Jail. Brown currently faces multiple felony charges, including sexual battery of a child between the ages of 12 and 17, contribution to the delinquency of a minor, and committing sexual acts with a 16- or 17-year-old.