Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend, Camille Kostek, Opens Up About His Retirement

Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend, Camille Kostek, couldn't be prouder of her man after he announced his retirement from the NFL and the New England Patriots on Sunday night.

Camille Kostek took to her Instagram account to share her thoughts on Rob Gronkowski retiring. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model gushed over her longtime boyfriend, revealing that he inspires her every day

"You motivate me to be better, you show me that limits can be pushed and that challenges make you stronger. If you ask me, you're the best to ever do it. There is nothing like the thrill of watching you play. I love you with all my heart, you allow me to take the term "proud girlfriend" to a new level. For all the people that have come up to us to tell you they are your biggest fan, I quietly smile because I know I'm yours and I will continue to root you on in all that you do. WE LOVE YOU PATS NATION & @patriots!!!! #retirement," Kostek posted on social media along with multiple photos and video of Gronkowski, or "Gronk" as football fans call him, throughout recent years.

Rumors have been swirling that Rob would be retiring this year, and after the Patriots won the Super Bowl in February, many speculated that Gronk would call it a career. However, he seemed a bit undecided until making his announcement over the weekend.

Late last year, Camille Kostek sat down for an interview with The Improper Bostonian and revealed a lot about her life, her career, and her relationship with Rob Gronkowski.

The model dished on her childhood, saying that she grew up with a very positive body image, talking about loving herself, and how she liked to befriend and empower other women instead of tearing them down and compete against them.

Kostek also dished on her romance with Gronkowski, claiming that although Rob is known to be a bit of a wild man and a party animal, he's not quite the image that fans make him out to be.

Camille revealed that Gronk is a homebody who snuggles and watches movies with her, calling him a teddy bear at heart. However, she does confirm that when he does go out on the town he is most likely going to be the life of the party wherever he goes.

Fans can see more of Rob Gronkowski following his retirement from the NFL, and Camille Kostek by following them on social media.