‘One Piece’ Episode 878 Spoilers Reveal Luffy’s New Title – Fifth Emperor Of The Sea


Red-Haired Shanks, who is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, is one of the major reasons why Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy decided to become a pirate and find the One Piece. Before they parted ways at the Windmill Village, Shanks gave Luffy the straw hat and told him to return it when he already reached his level. Since then, Luffy continues to train to become stronger and gather a crew that could help him become the next Pirate King.

Lots of things have already happened since Luffy and Shanks made the pact. Luffy has made his own name in the world of pirates after defeating the likes of Crocodile, Gecko Moria, Donquixote Doflamingo, and the most recent, Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri. One Piece Episode 877 featured the end of the Whole Cake Island arc and the preview for the next episode hinted that Luffy has already reached the level of Shanks.

One Piece Episode 878, which is expected to be aired next week, is titled “The World is Stunned! The Fifth Emperor of the Sea Emerges!”

“Luffy took on the Emperor of the Sea – Big Mom. The news instantly spreads across the world and surprises people in a big way. Luffy who once wanted to be like Shanks and sailed out to sea now takes a new title as a pirates!”


Some people are wondering how the news quickly spread all around the world. In the preview for One Piece Episode 878, several allies of the Strawhat Pirates, including Dalton and Dr. Kureha of Sakura Kingdom, Nefertari Vivi of Alabasta Kingdom, Princess Shirahoshi of Ryugu Kingdom, and prominent personalities in the world of One Piece like Crocodile and Navy Fleet Admiral Akainu, have already learned about Luffy’s current status and their failed attempt to assassinate Emperor Big Mom. However, it’s worth noting that Morgans, the president of the World Economic Journal, has witnessed everything that happened on Whole Cake Island.

After defeating two Yonko commanders, Charlotte Cracker and Charlotte Katakuri, and trying to kill Emperor Big Mom, it’s definitely not a surprise that Luffy became more popular. However, Morgans may have exaggerated some information to convince the World Government to declare Luffy as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. Now that he’s officially an Emperor of the Sea, Luffy has the right to meet with Shanks and fulfill his promise.

Aside from Luffy’s new title, One Piece Episode 878 preview also showed Sanji holding one of the Raid Suits of the Germa 66. However, knowing how he hated his family, it remains unknown if Sanji will consider using their technology to boost his power.