Paris Jackson Is In Positive Place One Week After Suicide Scare But Refuses Rehab

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Paris Jackson is reportedly taking all the steps she can to recover her health after her suicide scare earlier this month, according to TMZ. Since the incident, Jackson has been getting her mind into a better zone, focusing on happy events and making sure she is looking forward to the future. She is also making sure she surrounds herself with friends and family that care about her and want to support her as she recovers.

Last week, on March 15, Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital because of a suicide attempt. She tried to slit her wrists. Since the new accusations of child abuse about her father, Michael Jackson, broke through the documentary Leaving Neverland, Paris Jackson’s depression and mental health issues increased, causing her loved ones plenty of concern. After Jackson was released from the hospital, she initially assumed she would be treated for her issues elsewhere.

“Paris is dealing with all sorts of emotional issues as well as substance abuse issues,” a source close to Paris Jackson stated, according to iHeart Radio, and “the attempted suicide shows some serious underlying problems.”

Whether the source close to Jackson is correct or not, what is clear is that Jackson herself didn’t appreciate the reports surrounding her suicide attempt. To show her disdain, Jackson started attacking the news outlets that first broke the story, labeling them as “liars,” according to iHeart Radio. However, we aren’t certain if Jackson was implying the news sources had lied about her suicide attempt, or if she was just calling them liars in general.

Although Jackson promised the doctors that released her from the Los Angeles area hospital that she would get treatment somewhere else following her suicide attempt, now the 20-year-old model is making it clear she does not want to go to rehab. Jackson’s close friends and family have been insisting that she attend some sort of rehab, but she is refusing that advice. Instead, she promised to focus on her recovery and well-being, feeling that she can do it herself, according to TMZ.

Since focusing on her recovery, Jackson has been working on bettering her mental and physical health. She is also actively listening to advice from close friends and family. So far, the model is eating better, making sure she addresses psychological demons and also exercising.

Plus, Jackson is doing a good job of focusing on things she can look forward to, like her birthday. Jackson will be 21-years-old next week, and she has been busy planning that happy event. Jackson has also been speaking often to her younger brothers. Blanket is getting ready to attend college, and Jackson couldn’t be happier. Also, Macaulay Culkin, a longtime family friend, has been very supportive.