Ivanka Trump Quotes Abraham Lincoln After Mueller Report Summary Released & Gets Trolled On Twitter

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Attorney General William Barr has released a letter summarizing the Mueller report and social media has exploded with intense reactions from both those on the left and the right. President Donald Trump had been fairly quiet much of the weekend, but it didn’t take him long to tweet out his reaction and his daughter Ivanka soon followed suit.

Soon after the president said via Twitter that the Barr summary was a “Total EXONERATION,” his daughter Ivanka shared an Abraham Lincoln quote via her Twitter page. It was clear that this was intended to be a response to the Barr summary as well, but not everybody had positive feedback for her.

Ivanka’s tweet quickly racked up nearly 34,000 likes in just a few hours and it also received nearly 4,000 comments quite quickly. Of course, a handful of the comments praised the Trump family and embraced the Lincoln quote she shared. However, it would appear that most of the tweets posted in response to Trump’s essentially mocked the first daughter.

One person tweeted that both Ivanka’s dad and husband are criminals while some tweeted made up quotes attributed to Lincoln. Posts that called the Trump family grifters and co-conspirators and others that called for the full Mueller report to be released were common among the thousands of responses.

At least one Twitter user referenced the trouble Ivanka ran into with her fashion label and allegations she had stolen designs from an Italian shoemaker. Others noted the assertion she recently made that her father had nothing to do with the security clearances she and her husband Jared Kushner received, despite reports to the contrary.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, Sunday afternoon Barr released a multi-page summary with an overview of the Mueller report. It notes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report did not conclude that President Trump committed a crime, but the report specifically indicates that the investigation did not exonerate Trump either.

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At this point, it doesn’t look as if Ivanka is engaging in any of the responses, positive or negative, that her Lincoln quote has generated.

People waited anxiously for this information from Attorney General Barr, but the summary he provided may have raised more questions than it answered. The one thing that does seem clear is that there are multiple Trump-related investigations that are continuing via other avenues and people on both sides of the aisle are calling for the full Mueller report to be released.

Will Ivanka Trump come to regret posting this Abraham Lincoln tweet? Will Attorney General William Barr release the Mueller report as both politicians and citizens are demanding? Many people will be interested to see what the coming week entails as more information about the report emerges.