‘One Piece’ Episode 877 Spoilers: Whole Cake Island Arc Ends, Sun Pirates, Germa 66 Withdraw From Battle

tofoli.douglasFlickr/ Public Domain

One Piece Episode 877 featured Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates on their way off of Whole Cake Island. After Jinbe and the Sun Pirates used their ability to control the ocean current, the Big Mom Pirates were no longer able to catch up with the Thousand Sunny. Vinsmoke Sanji learned the fate of Pedro and started blaming himself for his death.

Carrot tried to comfort Sanji and told him that Pedro made his own choice. Carrot added that it’s a way of paying their debts to the Strawhat Pirates for saving their kingdom. Carrot started to cry in front of Sanji and asked him to just offer his thanks to Pedro instead of blaming himself for what happened.

One Piece Episode 877 showed the Thousand Sunny reaching the border of Whole Cake Island. The Big Mom Pirates are aware that when the Strawhat Pirates leave their territory, it will be hard to chase them. As of now, the Big Mom Pirates are still busy fighting the Germa 66 at Cacao Island and Jinbe and the Sun Pirates in the sea.

When they learned the Strawhat Pirates have finally left Emperor Big Mom’s territory, Jinbe and the Sun Pirates also started planning their own escape. They may have not admitted it, but One Piece Episode 877 revealed that the Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66 have the same goal as Jinbe and the Sun Pirates, which is to give the Strawhat Pirates a path to escape from Whole Cake Island. Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju received an order from their father, Judge, to retreat.


Though they no longer have to worry about Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates, running away from the Big Mom Pirates won’t be an easy task for the Sun Pirates and the Germa 66. Aside from the fact that they are currently surrounded by the entire Big Mom Pirates military force, Emperor Big Mom is also approaching Cacao Island. Emperor Big Mom has now regained her 100 percent strength, and she will surely do everything to prevent the Sun Pirates and the Germa 66 from leaving Whole Cake Island alive.

During the battle at Cacao Island, One Piece Episode 877 also showed an emotional Lady Pudding remembering her short time as Sanji’s wife. It was revealed that Sanji is the only person who appreciated Pudding for how she looks. Before they parted ways, Pudding kissed and thanked Sanji and used her devil fruit power to remove a part of his memory.

One Piece Episode 877 also featured Charlotte Brulee in the Mirror World taking care of his wounded brother Charlotte Katakuri. Katakuri and Brulee had a good relationship since their childhood. Ever since Brulee suffered a wound in the face, Katakuri vowed to become stronger that no one would ever dare to touch his siblings. Despite the outcome of their recent battle, Katakuri felt a sense of relief knowing that Luffy has safely escaped from their territory.