Boxer Adrien Broner Was Handcuffed In Miami Beach For Jaywalking, But Avoids Arrest

Four days after he issued a homophobic rant that resulted in a restraining order against him, boxer Adrien Broner nearly wound up with another legal battle on his hands. According to TMZ, at around 9 p.m. on Saturday in South Beach, Florida, Broner was walking with another boxer, Gervonta Davis. While cruising the streets on foot, Broner jaywalked on Collins Avenue, a street with heavy traffic, and a driver honked at him. Apparently, Broner did not appreciate the driver's reaction, became furious, and hit the hood of the driver's car. Then, Broner proceeded to shout at the driver, trying to provoke an altercation.

Since it is currently spring break in the South Beach and Miami Beach areas, police were already heavily monitoring the area. Cops heard the yelling, came to the scene, and started talking to Broner. The police gave Broner a warning, telling the boxer he needed to settle down, or else they would have to arrest him. Instead of calming down and heeding the warning, Broner started screaming at the police. The police decided to handcuff the boxer to force him to sit and calm down for a moment, but they did not proceed to arrest him, according to TMZ. After the police felt the Broner had settled down, they released him, and no charges were filed over the altercation.

Broner seemed unfazed by the incident and decided to continue the evening. His next stop was the Exchange Miami nightclub, where he proceeded to party. At the nightclub, he performed the Bust Down dance, jumping onstage to show off at one point.

Broner's jaywalking altercation is one of at least two angry incidents the boxer was involved in this week that received media attention. Just a few days ago, Broner caused plenty of outrage on social media by threatening to harm or shoot gay people in the face if they tried to hit on him. Broner was effectively threatening all gay people, but he had a target with his abusive rant, Andrew C. Caldwell, a gay social media star.

According to Caldwell, Broner started the communication between the two by flirting with him. Broner denies that claim. Caldwell felt so threatened by the video post, he filed a restraining order against Broner, according to the Daily Mail.

Broner is no stranger to legal troubles. Last year, he was arrested for sexual battery; however, those charges were dropped in early March due to a lack of evidence. Also, back in 2016, Broner received a citation for misdemeanor battery after he was accused of choking a waitress in Las Vegas. He also missed a court appearance in 2017 which had to do with a 2014 disorderly conduct and public intoxication arrest.