‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit Kemsley Denies Mistreating Dog Lucy Amid PuppyGate, Provides Proof

Jon Kopaloff Getty Images

Ever since she adopted one of Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue dogs, Lucy, and then realized she needed to find the dog another home, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley has been receiving a lot of criticism for what happened to the dog. Of course, the most critical responses have come from Lisa Vanderpump herself, who went as far as calling Kemsley an animal abuser. However, Kemsley wasn’t the one that took the dog to an animal shelter.

After she adopted Lucy, Kemsley realized the dog would not be a good fit for her and her family. Lucy bit her children, as well as her husband, and Kemsley did not feel comfortable having the dog around her kids after that. So, she decided to find the dog another good home. She did have the option to return Lucy to Vanderpump’s dog rescue center, but instead figured she could successfully place the dog herself.

Unfortunately, the family that took Lucy in after her also could not keep the dog, because the dog started biting family members, just as it had with Kemsley’s family. Instead of calling Kemsley, though, the family took the dog to a local animal shelter.

To provide evidence that she did not mistreat Lucy, the 42-year-old Kemsley posted pictures and videos on Instagram of the dog with her family. The footage includes shots of Lucy with Kemsley, her husband, and the couple’s kids, 5-year-old son Jagger and 3-year-old daughter Phoenix.

“Locked in a cage? Unloved? Mistreated?” Kemsley wrote under a post on March 22 featuring Jagger cuddling up with the dog, according to Us Weekly.

Kemsley wrote a few other sarcastic posts underneath the pictures of Lucy and her family.


“Lucy didn’t partake in any family fun,” Kemsley captioned a video of Lucy running as Phoenix danced, according to Us Weekly. “She was locked away in a cage, in our ‘basement’ which we don’t have!”

“The REAL life of Lucy Apple Juice!” Kemsley wrote underneath another post, according to Us Weekly. “So sorry to those sad individuals trying to serve their own agenda.”

Kemsley’s ordeal with Puppygate started during Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when John Blizzard, who works at Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs, said Kemsley dumped Lucy off at a kill shelter instead of returning the dog to the rescue center so they could find her a new home. However, as we already know, Kemsley gave the dog to a friend whose family wanted the puppy, and it was that friend who dropped the dog off at the shelter.