Julia Roberts Bans Her Children From Social Media

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Julia Roberts is definitely not afraid to administer a little parental discipline.

According to a recent interview with The Sun, the actress revealed that she has banned her children from social media.

Roberts has three children with her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder: Henry 11, and 14-year-old twins Hazel and Finn. The parents do not allow social media, limit television use, and have “family meetings” in order to reduce their exposure to the “pressures” of modern life.

“I have three young children so I’m very careful about turning the TV on,” Roberts said, regarding her parenting views.

“It’s interesting trying to raise kids in this day because it’s all so new — the pressures, the resources, having the world in your hand like that.

“I try to keep them off social media, because I don’t really understand what they need that for right now.”

She said that filming and researching for her current movie, Ben Is Back, made her think about the role social media has in her children’s lives.

“If you apply all the many ­nightmares that any parent could have in this world, you would lock the doors and never leave the house. You have to concentrate on the world’s positive, optimistic things.”

In the movie, Roberts portrays Holly Burns, a mother whose drug-addicted son suddenly shows at up at her doorstep during the holidays.

A native of Smyrna, Georgia, the Oscar-winner learned a lot from the research she did prior to joining the project. She told the publication being in the film made her feel like she was more informed about drugs than before.

Roberts explained that coming from a small town where drugs were not part of the “high school scene,” made her unaware of any use in the community.

She added that teen life “was more about people downing beers in the parking lot of Domino’s Pizza. But peer pressure is such a huge dynamic of school culture, whether it’s drugs or something else.”

As parents, she and her husband have decided on household rules that are on the sterner side. The star even referred to herself as “strict,” and said that while she doesn’t lose her temper, that it’s important for children to understand that they have boundaries.

Her method, she said, was not to punish them, as she prefers to have conversations with her sons and daughter instead.


“I think my serious face is punishment enough,” she continued.

She also noted that she wants them to have “life skills” and know how to make their own bed, do laundry, and cook a meal.

Roberts added that she and Moder are a “united front,” and employ a sort of good-cop, bad-cop routine, taking turns as the strict parent in the home.

She said that keeping their family intact has always been a priority, and spending quality time together is a must.

“It’s about allowing time to just exist. Conversations require a complete disregard for the clock so that you can just listen and really be present.”