Pop Starlet Rita Ora Rocks Stiletto Heels And Arabic Black Veil In Bizarre Instagram Snap

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Singer and pop starlet Rita Ora is no stranger to pushing the envelope and is as comfortable pushing musical boundaries as she is social ones. Having cultivated a sizable fan base of nearly 15 million followers on popular social media platform Instagram, the British beauty knows exactly how to titillate — and to provoke — her captivated audience.

In her most recent Instagram share, Rita can be seen decked out in a fabulous tie-dyed ensemble consisting of loose-fitting sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt. Swirls of pastel colors dance across the fabric, ranging in hue from a pretty royal purple to an eye-catching sky blue. Large green patches attached to both items of clothing bear the designer’s name — Danzy. Rita Ora accessorized her casual and comfortable look with a pair of vintage looking sunglasses, bejeweled nails, and a pair of glamorous stiletto heels. The heels appeared to be covered in Swarovski crystals, sequins, or something very similar.

However, the most eye-catching and perhaps controversial piece of the mysterious and puzzling picture was the large black veil that Rita had used to cover up the great majority of her face, leaving only her eyes and her nose visible.

According to a machine translation provided by Google, the Arabic characters emblazoned in a striking white across the front of the long black veil translate to “the Sun” in English. The juxtaposition of the tie-dyed two-piece ensemble, the Arabic-lettering on a black veil, a black bucket hat, and a neon-yellow cushioned chair made for a very complex and confusing composition indeed.


In the caption of the image, Rita Ora plugged a few of her promotional partners, giving credit where it was due — and letting the interesting image stand on its own merits. Her fans didn’t seem to particularly mind the peculiar aesthetic common to the photograph, as they know Rita to be artistic, creative, and willing to expand her ideas beyond the banal. Her Instagram admirers lavished nearly 20,000 likes on the image in a matter of minutes, along with 200-plus comments.

One supportive user wrote, “This is dope. Please wear this to workouts.” A second, somewhat confused Instagram fan asked, “What is this on your head!!!” omitting the requisite question mark.

Rita Ora has been busy as late, having recently performed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to The National, Ora rocked the house, providing her audience with “an energetic and impressive set.”

With fans across the globe, it’s little wonder that this creative and sometimes controversial singer continues to see her star rise in the entertainment industry.