Dead Bird Found In Bag Of Salad

Found in Salad

Glouchestershire, England – A couple was horrified after finding a dead bird in a bag of salad purchased from a Tesco grocery store.

James and Jasmine Watson discovered the deceased five-inch long Blackcap European warbler while getting ready for a steak and salad dinner. Jasmine, 32, had ordered the bagged salad from a Tesco supermarket website weeks earlier on January 30.

Bewildered and disturbed, the couple contacted a local Tesco Extra store to complain. A manager arrived at the residence and removed the bird from their home. The couple was offered a £200 gift card as compensation and an apology.

James, 30, still wants to know how a dead bird could end up in a bag of salad greens.

“I took three mouthfuls and then saw it. My first reaction was why have I got a soggy fishcake on my plate? But this was a full-size dead bird.” James further remarked, “We could not believe it. We stood there, completely amazed, for at least two minutes.”

This is not the first time a dead bird has been found in Tesco Baby Leaf And Rocket Salad. This is the second incident in the last 15 months. Another couple in Somerset, Paul Streeter and Julia Flynn, also found four inch skeletal remains of a dead bird inside the same type of Tesco bagged salad.

At this time, Tesco is thoroughly investigating the peculiar incidents but assert they have measures in place to prevent things like this as the salad greens endure complex filtering and washing, reports the Daily Mail.