Majority Of Americans Think Donald Trump Tried To Interfere In Robert Mueller’s Investigation, Poll Finds

Brendan HofmanGetty Images

A majority of Americans believe that Donald Trump tried to interfere with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, a new poll shows.

The poll released by Fox News on Sunday showed that 73 percent of Americans want to see the full report on Russian interference in the 2016 election released publicly, but they are split on what they believe it will show. A total of 52 percent believe that Trump tried to interfere in the probe while 36 percent said they believe Trump allowed the investigation to proceed unabated.

Whatever the final Russia report shows, it may not be enough to change the minds of voters, the poll found. Only 7 percent of those who responded to the poll said there is a “strong” chance that the report will change their mind about Trump, and 41 percent said there is absolutely nothing in the report that could make them change their mind about how they see Trump.

While there is disagreement about whether Trump colluded with Russia, there is also a lack of common ground about whom to trust regarding the matter. As the poll found, 29 percent of Americans said they trust Donald Trump to be truthful about his dealings with Russia, while 41 percent said they trust Mueller’s conclusions. Close to 10 percent of Americans said they trust neither Trump nor Mueller, the report noted.

“As important as the Mueller investigation is, it may not change the minds of many Americans about the president,” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. “Barring a bombshell revelation, voters are likely to view the report through the prism of their partisan identities.”


There has been a strong bipartisan push for Attorney General William Barr to release the full report to the American public. As The Inquisitr reported, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have said the public deserves to see the findings that will be given in briefings to lawmakers over the course of the coming days. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement on Saturday that lawmakers should receive the full report as well, rather than a summary put together by Barr, and she also called on briefings to be unclassified so members of Congress can discuss the findings freely.

It is not clear yet what the Russia report concluded, though there were reports that Mueller recommended no new indictments. This does not necessarily clear Donald Trump, as legal experts pointed out that the Department of Justice has a policy against indicting a sitting president.