Girl gamers “geekier” than male counterparts

A post on Scientific American indicates that female gamers exhibit “geekier” qualities than male ones.

The study of 7,000 anonymous EverQuest II players revealed that while 80% of those surveyed were men, it was the women who had the crackiest gaming habits. Bitches and ‘hos spent and average of 29 hours a week playing, compared to 25 hours on average for the guys. The top 10% of female players logged a sex-life-killingly 57 hours a week on average, in contrast with 51 hours for the comparable group of dudes. And when it comes to honesty and gaming, chicks were also more likely to lie about the amount of time they spend playing each week, both underestimating and underreporting time spent logged in and playing. Women who play are also more likely than men to engage in the activity with a romantic partner- 60% of women surveyed reported engaging in the activity with a partner, versus 25% of men who did the same.

The study, posted in December’s “Journal of Communication,” also upended the stereotype of gaming as a kid’s pastime, noting that the average age of gamers was 31, and that there were more players surveyed in their 30s than in their 20s. Lastly, perhaps you will more likely find happiness with a girl gamer than a non-gaming girl- the women surveyed identified as bisexual 15% of the time, compared to 3% of the general population.