Founder Of Jelly Belly Announces New Cannabis-Infused Jelly Beans, Which Sell Out Immediately

David Paul MorrisGetty Images

The founder of Jelly Belly has a new product — a line of jelly beans infused with cannabis that have sold out almost immediately after being listed on the new company’s website.

The CBD-infused products were introduced by David Klein, the man who invented the popular jelly bean brand in 1976. His new company, Spectrum Confections, said it is offering 38 different flavors of jelly beans each containing 10 milligrams of cannabidiol, ABC 15 reported. The jelly beans are made to order for each customer, who must be over the age of 18 and provide their own CBD along with a lab report so the company can ensure compliance in CBD handling laws.

The CBD jelly beans have been a huge hit. As the report noted, the company’s website noted that it had already sold out.

“Due to recent media attention, our inventory has been depleted,” a message on the site read.

The CBD-infused jelly beans are part of a boom in the cannabis industry in recent months. The recent spate of states legalizing marijuana and medical marijuana has led to a rush of cannabis-related products entering the marketplace, and last month the nation’s largest drugstore retailer announced that it would start selling CBD products as well. CVS announced that it would carry the CBD brand Curaleaf in Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee.

As Marketwatch reported, the move comes after a number of independent health food and supplement stories have already introduced the hemp-derived products, and online giant Amazon has also sold CBD oil.

But as the report noted, the legal status of CBD is still up in the air, on both a state and federal level. There have been raids of stores in Texas carrying cannabis-related products of this week, and other states have cracked down on the sale of the products.

As Leafly noted, this has led to some differences in what store chains carry.

“Texas state law is actually more strict than federal law when it comes to CBD, and therefore takes precedence over the farm bill.” the report noted. “It’s worth noting that CVS stores in Alabama—a state where medical marijuana remains prohibited—are carrying products containing cannabidiol, but CVS stores in Texas are not.”

The CBD industry is expected to continue growing at a fast rate as states and the federal government clarify its legal status, and other major retailers are expected to join CVS and Amazon in selling the products.