John Legend Hits Back At Trump Supporters Trolling Him: ‘Be Best, As Your Queen Commanded You’

Rich FuryGetty Images

John Legend has not made any new fans among Trump supporters with his attacks against the president, but it appears they reached a new low when they threatened the singer viciously on social media for expressing his views on the ghastly New Zealand terror attack.

Talking about the twin mosque shootings by a white supremacist which left 49 people dead in Christchurch last week, Legend told Now This that there was no doubt in his mind that Donald Trump’s “rhetoric” was in part responsible for the attack. Trump had failed to acknowledge the rise of global white supremacism as a veritable threat and had instead attacked the “fake news media” for working “overtime” to pin the Christchurch shootings on his shoulders.

Legend called on Trump to apologize for his inflammatory speeches, according to Yahoo.

“He needs to apologize for demonizing brown people who have tried to come here and have a better life,” Legend said.

“That rhetoric of invasion, that rhetoric of violence, of scaring white people to think that these brown people are going to rape and kill their families — that rhetoric is inspiring people to do this kind of massacres.”

Not surprisingly, John’s statements in the interview did not go down well with Trump supporters, or indeed the right-wing media. Breitbart penned an article on Legend’s remarks, presenting it as evidence of the kind of “lies” being “trotted out” by “liberals” to attack the president.

Trump’s supporters were quick to pounce on the article and threaten Legend online. An army of Trump fans mocked the singer for his comments, but Legend didn’t mince his words either.

“I always know when Breitbart writes about me. An army of venomous trolls with terrible grammar takes over my mentions. I pray you guys re-think all of your existence,” Legend tweeted.

“Do better. Be best, as your queen commanded you. And know that I won’t be shutting up.”

Legend’s response was applauded by his supporters on Twitter, who asked the singer to continue his habit of calling out the president.

“Or as the trolls would say ‘their bitter, your better,'” one tweeter responded.

“Classy burn and by far the best line in the best tweet of the day,” another user added.

This is, of course, not the first time that John Legend has been attacked on social media for speaking against the president. The singer has not hidden his distaste for the current administration, and along with wife Chrissy Teigen, donated upwards of $250,000 to the ACLU on Trump’s birthday last year.