‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Wiley Could Be In Danger If Shiloh Finds Out Willow Had His Baby

Michael YadaABC Press

Last week, General Hospital had the big reveal that Willow Tait is the woman that Shiloh has been trying to hunt down. The story is that she had become involved in Dawn of Day and eventually was seduced by their manipulative leader. Now he has found her and she is scared enough to go on the run once again. However, she has Chase on her side and Willow ended up spilling everything to him.

This coming week will continue the drama surrounding Dawn of Day that also involves Kristina and Sam There is another little guy who is right in the middle of it all as well. Willow thinks that Wiley is her son, and it was also confirmed that Shiloh is her baby’s daddy. Chase figured out that the baby was the reason that she is so worried, and the reason that she gave him up for adoption. Now Brad will have even more to fret about. Soap Central teases that Brad is trying to put his old ways behind him, but that will be nearly impossible when the baby switch is revealed.

It appears that Shiloh doesn’t even know that Willow was pregnant with his baby since he made no mention of it when he was confronting her. She has kept it all a secret so he won’t find out and try to take him away from her. On Friday’s General Hospital, Shiloh went to Kelly’s and Brad was there with Wiley. Shiloh will be taken down soon, most likely during May sweeps. However, he may somehow get wind that Willow had his child and Brad and Lucas adopted him.


Friday was also the first time that viewers have seen Shiloh’s evil side. Rumors are swirling that he may just kidnap Wiley after he discovers the secret. Of course, only Brad, Nelle, and Obrecht know that Willow’s baby died and that Brad switched Wiley with Jonah, Michael’s son.

Brad would be forced to confess his sins if the baby is kidnapped by Shiloh. There is another rumor that it is actually Willow who takes the baby on the run. Either way, Brad will have some confessing to do in order to save the baby from Shiloh if all of this comes into play.

The drama continues this coming week on General Hospital. Keep watching to see what Shiloh will do when he finds out Willow lied to him. There could be danger ahead for anyone involved with Dawn of Day.