‘Survivor’ Tribe Kama Continues To Dominate Game

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Consisting of Aurora McCreary, Joe Anglim, Julia Carter, Julia Rosenberg, and Ron Clark, the Kama tribe has dominated the entire season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction thus far. In fact, the tribe has only lost one of all the competitions they have competed in. Not only has the Kama tribe been on the victory side of the line in nearly every competition, they also tend to come in first place and pull in the bigger of the two rewards during reward challenges.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

As The Inquisitr touched on a few weeks ago, Julia Carter and several of her other tribe mates haven’t had nearly as many confessionals as other castaways on the show. While the show was accused a few weeks ago of limiting Julia’s screen time because of her race, she and her fellow tribe mates haven’t gotten tons of screen time because they are the winning tribe. Episodes of Survivor are usually only an hour long, except for special episodes such as this week’s double eviction.

During that hour-long period of time, the producers editing the show tend to focus on the action on the losing tribe’s camp because that is where the game play and strategy is taking place. The winning tribe doesn’t need as much screen time because they are simply enjoying not going to tribal council.

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The longer episode, however, did allow for a little more screen time for the Kama tribe this week. During the episode, Julia and some of her other tribemates discussed the fact that taking Joe into the merge was a huge risk as he was clearly a challenge beast.

The Kama tribe members, however, were torn with this line of thinking as Joe was also the one who was helping them win all the competitions. He was also the one collecting all the food thanks to his experience with the game. Ron even admitted that while he initially wanted to get rid of Joe as soon as the opportunity presented itself, he now thinks that may not be the best idea. After all, who could be a better person to align yourself with than someone who is so good at the game they are likely to help you get to the end?

Unfortunately, viewers won’t get to see whether the Kama tribe would have kept Joe or voted him out if they lost a competition as the promo for next week’s episode reveals we’ve finally reached the merge.

It now becomes a question of whether Joe will stay loyal to the people who never really had a chance to prove whether they were loyal to him as they never went to a tribal council.

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