Donald Trump Silent For More Than 24 Hours After Mueller Report Turned In, Instead Goes Golfing With Kid Rock

Jeff GrossGetty Images

Donald Trump has been publicly silent for more than 24 hours after the final report from Robert Mueller was turned in to Attorney General William Barr, but the president did find some time on Saturday to hit the golf links with Kid Rock.

Many have been waiting to see what Trump will comment after the apparent conclusion of Mueller’s investigation and the final report being turned in. Trump increasingly attacked Mueller and his team as conflicted, calling the investigation a witch hunt intended to oust him from office. But as the report has come to a conclusion, Trump has fallen silent, going one of the longest stretches of his presidency with no comments on Twitter.

At least some of Trump’s day on Saturday was spent on his company’s golf course in Florida. Kid Rock shared a picture on Twitter of himself and Trump posing at the Trump International course. Trump had left Washington early on Friday for a long weekend at his resort in Mar-a-Lago and was joined by Republican ally Lindsey Graham.

Kid Rock has also been a regular guest of Donald Trump, golfing with the president and even making a controversial trip to the White House early in Trump’s presidency when he was joined by Ted Nugent, who had previously mused about murdering Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

Trump has been criticized for the frequency with which he has traveled to his company’s properties and gone golfing. Trump promised frequently during the 2016 presidential campaign that he would not have time to go on vacation or go golfing, but since taking office has ended up going on vacations to his properties and going golfing at a rate higher than any of his recent predecessors.

Many of Trump’s golfing trips have included famous partners. Trump has golfed with a number of sports legends including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Peyton Manning, and a number of his allies in conservative media. Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s guest at Mar-a-Lago this weekend, has also become a somewhat regular golf partner to the president — despite being one of the loudest critics of Trump during the 2016 campaign.

It was not yet clear what the report may have found related to Russian collusion. Reports on Friday indicated that Mueller would conclude the report with new recommendations of indictments, but legal experts pointed out that this does not necessarily exonerate Donald Trump as the Justice Department has a policy against indicting a sitting president.