Ashley Graham Goes Makeup-Free, Rocks Trendy Glasses & Black Sheer Top On Instagram

Alexandra Lozovschi

Ashley Graham has had a very full week. The gorgeous plus-size model is busy promoting two fashion campaigns that are very near and dear to her heart. One of them is the flattering swimwear line that she designed for Swimsuit For All, as covered yesterday by The Inquisitr. The other one is her latest collection of "sexy" and "supportive" lingerie, which she has put together in collaboration with Addition Elle, per a previous report from The Inquisitr.

Proving to be her own best advertisement, the buxom model artfully showcased both of her new collections in a pair of steamy photo shoots. With the snapshots now out and all over the internet, Ashley has been avidly promoting the campaigns on her Instagram page, treating her massive following to some seriously sizzling snaps over the past week.

Given her hefty workload as of late, there's little surprise that the America's Next Top Model judge took Saturday off to unwind and immerse herself in a bit of art and culture. After deciding that some leisure time was in order, Ashley spent the afternoon at the Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery in New York City. There, the stunning model admired the eye-popping "Scandalized" exhibit by Miranda Tacchia, a celebrated artist and illustrator for animation known for her work with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network.

But Ashley did more than just browse the colorful sketches, which, as the artist herself explained in a 2017 interview with It's Nice That, generally depict "unimpressed women" being unapologetically themselves and "not caring about how they're being perceived, whether they're talking to someone, being sexual, or just existing." Ashley picked out her favorite creation and purchased it, then posed for a cute snap next to the framed drawing.

Earlier today, the model took to Instagram to share the lovely photo, which quickly garnered more than 107,000 likes and over 400 comments.

Ashley decided to let her natural beauty take the spotlight by going makeup-free. The model rocked a pair of clear hexagonal glasses and let her chestnut-brown tresses frame her face in a relaxed hairstyle with a mid-part.

Her latest Instagram photo revealed that Ashley went home from the exhibit with an eye-catching drawing in a vibrant pink color, one that portrayed a bodacious, long-haired lady. The Addition Elle model unveiled a more close-up look at the illustration in her Instagram Stories.

A couple of hours after Ashley posted the snapshot, Miranda Tacchia shared the same photo on her Instagram page.

"Happy to know that my drawing is going home with you! Thank you so much for your support," the artist wrote in her Instagram post.