First Returning ‘Survivor’ Castaway Gets Voted Out Of Season 38

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While most of the contestants participating in Season 38 if Survivor are new to the game, there were four individuals who have played in past seasons of the show. Unfortunately, being a returning player surrounded by people who have never played before comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

As those watching the game at home know, many of the newbies have made it clear from the beginning they have no interest in going with a returning player to the end because they’ve already had their chance to win.

Some, however, have admitted that veteran players to bring a lot to the table. Kama – for example – sees Joe as a threat but recognize that he is a key reason they are dominating challenges. Joe is also a huge reason why the tribe has had a steady flow of food beyond winning award challenges.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Manu lost the first immunity challenging and ended up taking a trip to tribal council where they were forced to say goodbye to a member of their tribe. While Wendy Diaz was certainly the “easy” vote given the rest of the tribe had previously worked together on Kama, Victoria, Eric, and Gavin had another plan in mind.

Victoria proposed convincing Aubry that she wanted to pursue a female alliance with her and Wendy to take out one of the boys before the merge happens. Aubry – knowing she needed to do something to change things up if she wanted to continue to survive – was blinded by this proposal. She was more than willing to go after one of the boys if it meant saving her own skin and crippling her tribe.

Aubry and Victoria acknowledged voting out one of the strong males on their group would shoot them in the foot when the next competition took place, but they thought the timing was just right as the merge would be happening soon.


What the returning castaway didn’t realize was that Victoria was just putting on an act. She had no intention of working with Aubry and wanted her gone. Making things a little more complicated was the fact that Wendy was extremely hard to read and didn’t really know what direction she wanted to go in.

Aubry Bracco becomes the newest member of the Edge of Extinction twist
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Aubry went into the tribal council with both an advantage and an immunity idol in her pocket and ended up being blindsided by Victoria and the boys. As she exited the show, she discussed how devastated she was to leave with two powers that could have saved her tucked in her pocket. She, however, was quick to grab the torch and head to the Edge of the Extinction. She stated it was a “no brainer” decision.

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